Into second session and am surviving

Am now re-reading Wolf Border and Snow Drop – this time to look into detailed descriptions that the authors use to bring alive their stories. Sarah Hall seems brilliant at this but nothing, no amount of description, active verbs, proper punctuation, brilliant prose and so on accounts for how she manages to imbue that female wolf aspect of the protagonist’s character. How does she convey that here is an independent female who filled with the longing for the wild does not feel shame when she feels desire and longing for a mate. Estes in her book ‘Women who run with the Wolves’ talks of the shadow that trots behind us (i.e., independent females) is definitely four-footed. Hall manages to hint throughout that her protagonist is the wolf and is not afraid of her passions and independence. Thank you Faber & Faber WIP Course and our tutor Tom Bromley for opening my eyes and taking my writing to yet another level.

Meanwhile, Cornerstones Edit Your Novel Course is keeping me busy and active. I am learning so much from this well structured online course. The tutors are always ready to help and the sessions are full of ways to improve my writing. So much to learn. Check this out it will be worth it for you.

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